Annual Workshop

16-17 Sep 2003

Department of Physics, University of Bologna
via Irnerio 46, 40126 Bologna

Organizing commeette: R. Casadio, B. Simoni (Theory Secretary)

Invited speakers: F. Bastianelli, V. Bozza, M. Gasperini, L. Lusanna, A. Masiero, S. Matarrese, A. Sagnotti, G. Vilasi.

Other partecipants: R. De Pietri.

Theory Group room (2nd floor)

Tuesday 16

14:00 -> 14:05
G. Venturi
Introduction A
14:05 -> 14:45
BO: F. Finelli 
An overview of BO11 cosmology activities in Bologna [Gzipped_PS] [PS]
14:45 -> 15:25
M. Gasperini (FA51)
Phenomenological aspects of dilaton gravity A
15:25 -> 16:05
A. Masiero (PD21)
Dark energy and dark matter: hints from particle physics A
Break A A A
16:20 -> 17:00
S. Matarrese (PD51)
Probing primordial cosmological perturbations with the LSS of the Universe and the CMB A
17.00 -> 17.40:
V. Bozza (NA12)
Some topics on Gravitational Physics and Astrophysics in Salerno A

19:30 -> SOCIAL DINNER at "Trattoria da Pietro", via Falegnami

Wednesday 17

9.20 -> 9.40
TS: A. Smailagic
Noncommutative Quantum Mechanics [Gzipped_PS] [PS]
9:40 -> 10:00
TS: E. Spallucci
String T-duality and point-zero length [Gzipped_PS] [PS]
10.00 -> 10.40:
G. Vilasi (NA41) 
Gravitational fields with 2-dimensional Killing leaves A
Break A A A
10:55 -> 11:35 
A. Sagnotti (TS11)
Higher-spin geometry and String Theory A
11:35 -> 11:55
TN: A. Giacomini
Black hole entropy from classical Liouville theory [Gzipped_PS] [PS]
11:55 -> 12:15
TN: N. Pinamonti
Hidden SL(2,R) symmetry and Holography in Rindler spacetime [Gzipped_PS] [PS]
12:15 -> 12:35
TN: L. Vanzo
De Sitter spaces and negative temperatures [Gzipped_PS] [PS]
Lunch A A A
14:00 -> 14:20 
CO: A. Kamenshchik
Chaplygin gas as a model of dark matter A
14:20 -> 14:40
CO: U. Moschella
Fields and particles in de Sitter universe A
14.40 -> 15.20: 
L. Lusanna (FI41)
Background independent gravitational waves from a Hamiltonian linearization of tetrad gravity plus perfect fluids [PDF]
15:20 -> 16:00
F. Bastianelli (TO12)
The worldline formalism with background gravity [Gzipped_PS] [PS]
16:00 -> 16:40
BO: R. Casadio
(No) Trans-Planckian physics: Black holes vs Cosmology [PDF]
16:40 -> 16:45
G. Venturi
Concluding remarks A

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