5th International Workshop on:


to be held at the Departments of Physics and Mathematics of Bologna University (Italy), on July 3 - 5, 2006 (inclusive). The Workshop is organized under the auspices of the University and of Bologna Section of INFN and INDAM-GFNM. It is intended to promote the exchange of ideas at an advanced technical level among researchers working in this rapidly evolving field.


A provisional list of speakers includes:

Besides a series of plenary talks (of approx. 50 min.), there will be room for a number of short communications of 20 min. (including final discussion) and a poster session. See the information on talks page for more details about this.

If you wish to participate, please complete the registration form before April 22, 2006 .

On the same form you can also put your request to give a short communication if interested. You can also modify your registration after your first inscription.

Unfortunately, due to a very limited budget we are not able to support travel, living and accomodation expenses for the participants. They should therefore be financially supported by their home institution.

Publication of papers: We understand that Miloslav Znojil is volunteering, and we thank him for that, to edit a special issue of Czech. J. Phys. with papers related to the workshop. Any information can be found in the following web site: The organizing committee, though not publishing any proceedings, welcomes whoever wishes to submit papers to M. Znojil according to the rules that he will give. The refereeing process leading to the acceptance of the papers is under the complete responsibility of M. Znojil.

The deep relations between pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians and integrable quantum field theories recently emerged, pushed us to organize this meeting in conjunction with the contiguous 7th Bologna Workshop on CFT and Integrable Models (July 5-8, 2006), whose page we invite you to visit. The workshops will have a common day, devoted to the relations between the two subjects, on July 5. We welcome people interested in participating to both events. In this case we ask you, for practical organization reasons, to check the appropriate button in the registration form.

Hotel Accomodation (please read carefully and act accordingly)

For organizative reasons we cannot provide any reservation service. You are kindly invited to contact the hotels dierctly to reserve accomodation. We suggest to try first the list of hotels given here, with whom we have agreed reduced prices for the conference.

Useful Information

Hoping to see you this July under the Two Towers , we send you our best wishes.

Directors: E. Caliceti, F. Cannata, S. Graffi, F. Ravanini

Scientific Committee:

E. Caliceti (Bologna Univ. - Italy)

V. Grecchi (Bologna Univ. - Italy)

F. Cannata (INFN Bologna - Italy)

F. Ravanini (Bologna Univ. - Italy)

P. Dorey (Durham Univ.- UK)

R. Tateo (Torino Univ.- Italy)

S. Graffi (Bologna Univ. - Italy)

Secretariat: P. Palmerini (Math. Dept. - Bologna Univ.) - B. Simoni (INFN Bologna)

For any inquiry, please contact Emanuela Caliceti (