Date: 10-17 July 2004 - Erice ITALY

11th Workshop on:

Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals:
effects of surfaces and ferroelectric subphases

E. Gorecka, M. Marinelli, P. Pasini

Workshop Objective

The Objective of the Workshop is to provide a state of the art account of the rapidly evolving field of Liquid Crystal Phases, Phase Transitions and Surface Related Phenomena, paying particular attention to the interdisciplinary aspects of the various topics. A special emphasis will be placed on the effects of surfaces on phase transitions, including nano- and meso- confinement and on the study of the phase transitions of the structures found in some novel classes of compounds, like smectic subphases in ferroelectric liquid crystals. The Workshop will bring together specialists in phase transitions and physics of liquid crystals, both theorists and experimentalists.