Date: 24 September - 2 October - 2005 - Erice ITALY

12th Course
1st Summer School on:

Nanoscale self-organizing multifunctional organic materials

Fabio Biscarini, Yves Geerts, Paolo Pasini, Claudio Zannoni


This is the  first  NAIMO Summer School on Nanoscale self-organizing multifunctional organic materials in Erice, Sicily, Italy, within the frame of the International School of Liquid Crystals, at  Centro Ettore Majorana 24 September (arrival) -2 October 2005 (departure).

The School, which is an explicit deliverable of NAIMO, aims to provide an interdisciplinary introduction to young researchers in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology topics of central interest to NAIMO.

The School will cover the following main areas:

1.  Materials

2.  Theory, Modelling and Simulation

3.  Patterning, Self-organisation, Fabrication

4.  Device Physics

5.  Characterization

6.  Intellectual property & Technology Transfer