4 - 7 June - 2006 - Castiglioncello (LI) - ITALY

3rd Italian - Japanese Workshop on Liquid Crystals

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We are pleased to announce the 3rd Italian-Japanese Workshop on Liquid Crystals which will be held in Casstiglioncello, Italy from June 4 to 7, 2006. The meeting will be organised by the Italian Liquid Crystal Society in collaboration with the Japanese Liquid Crystal Society (JLCS) and the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of Pisa University.
The aim of the Workshop is to bring together members of two communities of Italy and Japan for a presentation and discussion of recent results in the liquid crystal research. It is hoped that the Workshop will enhance exchange and scientific cooperation between Italy and Japan in the more innovative areas of liquid crystal science and technology.
The format of the workshop will be based on a number of keynote talks of leading Italian and Japanese scientists. In addition there will be the opportunity for other participants to present their latest results as posters.

Scientific Program



G. Abbate, A. d’Alessandro, S. Faetti, G. Galli, P. Pasini,
D. Pucci , F. Simoni, C.A. Veracini, C. Versace


N. Koide, T. Ikeda, H. Takezoe.

Programme Outline:

Sunday, 4 June
Arrival and Welcome Party (evening)
Monday, 5 June
Scientific Sessions
Tuesday, 6 June
Scientific Sessions
Wednesday, 7 June

A Preliminary list of Speakers includes:

Tadashi Akahane
(Nagaoka Univ. of Tech)
Gaetano Assanto
Romeo Beccherelli
Gabriella Cipparrone
Oriano Francescangeli
Mauro Ghedini
Tomiki Ikeda
(Tokyo Tech)
Hirotsugu Kikuchi
(Kyusyu Univ)
Naoyuki Koide
(Tokyo Science Univ.)
Shohei Naemura
(Merck Japan)
Hiroyoshi Naito
(Osaka Pref. Univ)
Naotake Nakamura
(Ritsumeikan Univ.)
Masanori Ozaki
(Osaka Univ)
Enrico Santamato
Haruyoshi Takatsu
Hideo Takezoe
(Tokyo Tech)
Carlo Alberto Veracini
Carlo Versace
Epifanio Virga
Junji Watanabe
(Tokyo Tech)
Jun Yamamoto
(Kyoto Univ.)
Mamoru Yamashita
(Mie Univ.)
Hiroshi Yokoyama
Ugo Zammit
Claudio Zannoni


The Workshop will be held at Pasquini Castle in Rosignano Mare, a small town located on the Coast of the Etruscans, in Tuscany (http://www.costadeglietruschi.it/)


Deadline for registration is April 15th 2006

Arrival and Accommodation

The closest airport is the Galilelo Galilei one in Pisa.
Castiglioncello (Livorno) is reacheable from Pisa airport by train.
The accomodation will be in selected hotels in Castiglioncello.
HOW TO REACH Castiglioncello


A visit to the city of Volterra and Etruscan archaeological site will be organized.

Abstract submission

Abstract should be submitted in electronic form
(one A4 page, “Times” or “Times New Roman” fonts, size 12),
and sent by e-mail to C.A. Veracini (verax@dcci.unipi.it).

Deadline for abstract submission is April 15th 2006


The proceedings will be published in a special issue of Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals.


Dr. Paolo Pasini
INFN Sezione di Bologna
Via Irnerio 46,
40126 Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39 051 2091193
Fax: +39 051 244101

Prof. Carlo Alberto Veracini
Dipartimento di Chimica e Chimica Industriale
Università di Pisa
Via Risorgimento, 35
56126 Pisa (PI), Italy
Phone: +39 050 2219266
Fax: +39 050 2219260