Date: 19 - 25 July - 2006 - Erice ITALY

13th Workshop

Colloids, Interfaces and Liquid Crystals

I. Musevic, P. Pasini, C. Zannoni, S. Zumer

The Objective of the Workshop is to provide a state of the art account of the rapidly evolving field of Colloids, Interfaces and Liquid Crystals, paying particular attention to the aspects bridging the gap between these topics normally considered independently. For instance, liquid crystal colloidal suspensions of micro and nanoparticles, forces between particles and interfaces in liquid crystals, particle manipulation in liquid crystals, nanopatterning of surfaces, surface and external field effects, phase behaviour, molecular and mesoscale simulations will be discussed. The Workshop will bring together specialists in the physics of colloids and liquid crystals, both theorists and experimentalists, welcoming contributions from other disciplines.