Date: 19 - 25 July - 2006 - Erice ITALY

13th Workshop

Colloids, Interfaces and Liquid Crystals

I. Musevic, P. Pasini, C. Zannoni, S. Zumer




July 19


afternoon: Arrival

21.15: Welcome Reception at the Marsala Lecture Hall (S. Rocco)


July 20


9.00 9.15



9.15 10.15

H. Lekkerkerker

Life at Ultra low Interfacial Tension: The Interface of Demixed Colloid-Polymer Mixtures and the Isotropic Nematic Interface in Suspensions of Colloidal Platelets

10.15 11.00

Y. Reznikov

Diluted colloids of nano-ferroelectric particles

in liquid crystals

11. 00 11.30

Coffee break

11.45 12.30

M.P. Allen

Simulation of inhomogeneous liquid crystals


lunch break




15.45 16.30

P. Ziherl

Colloids on smectic films.

16.30 17.15

R. Stannarius

2D Dispersions - liquid inclusions in smectic free standing films

17.15 17.45


Coffee break

17.45 19.15


Poster session


July 21


9.00 10.00

D. Weitz

Defect structure in thin shells of liquid crystal

10.00 10.45

O. Lavrentovich

Elasticity- and anchoring-mediated interactions of particles and topological defects at the surface and in the bulk of liquid crystals.

10.45 11.15


Coffee Break

11.15 12.00

J-C. Loudet

Wetting of micrometer-sized ellipsoids

12.00 12.45

H. Stark

Wetting Phenomena in Liquid Crystal Colloids


lunch break




15.45 16.30

P. Lettinga

Exploring the phase behavior of rod dispersions using external fields

16.30 17.00

F. Mantegazza

Anomalous orientation of charged rod-like colloidal particles in external electric fields.

17.00 17.30


Coffee break

17.30 18.00

R. Berardi

A Computer Simulation Study of the Formation of

Liquid Crystal Nanodroplets from a Homogeneous Solution

18.00 18.30

S. Varga

Phase behaviour of nail-shaped hard particle fluids

18.30 19.00

G. Cinacchi

Phase diagrams of binary mixtures of thin and thick hard spherocylinders


July 22


9.00 19.00


Excursion to Selinunte and Mozia


July 23


9.00 10.00

H. Yokoyama


10.00 10.45

M. Telo da Gama

Surface effects in nematics: interfaces, decorated surfaces and colloids  

10.45 11.15

Coffee break

11.15 12.00

M. Skarabot

Two-dimensional Nematic Colloidal Crystals Self-assembled by Topological Defects

12.00 12.45

S. Zumer

Simulations of colloidal lattices confined to thin nematic layers


lunch break




15.45 16.30

U. Zammit

Specific heat spectrospcopy in liquid crystal phase transitions with disorder

16.30 17.00

L.R. Evangelista

Ionic contribution to the electric current in an electrolytic cell submitted to an

external voltage.


17.15 17.45


Coffee break

17.45 18.15

M. Ravnik

Self assembled colloidal structures in nematics confined to a capillary

18.15 18-45

Y. Yang

Optical trapping of colloids in liquid crystals


Social Dinner



July 24


9.00 9.45

E. Terentjev

Defects and textures in thin films of liquid crystalline polymers

9.45 10.15

V. Sastry

Isotropic-nematic transition in liquid-crystalline elastomers : A non-Boltzmann Monte Carlo study

10.15 10.45

G. Raos

Computer experiments on the non-linear viscoelasticity of filled elastomers

10.45 11.15


Coffee break

11.15 11.45

N. Silvestre

Elliptic inclusions in smectic -C films

11.45 12.15

S.V. Shiyanovskii

The particle interaction in liquid crystals: beyond the permanent multipole expansion

12.15 12.45

C. Anquetil

Anchoring of liquid crystals on self assembled monolayers


lunch break




15.45 16.10

F. Tombolato

Molecular model for the chiral nematic phase of dispersions of M13 virus.

16.10 16.35

A. Arcioni

Electron Spin Resonance studies of order and dynamics in complex liquid crystal systems

16.35 17.00





Coffee Break