Date: 27 October - 1 November 2008 - Erice ITALY

15th Workshop

Liquid Crystal Phases and Nano-Structures

A Workshop to celebrate ten years of the International Liquid Crystal School
and Claudio Zannoni 60th birthday

Directors od the Workshop: Dr. P.Pasini, Prof. S.Zumer


We are organizing an International Workshop on the recent developments in the fields of liquid crystal phases and nano-structures at the end of October to continue our series of meetings in Erice.

Just ten years ago we established the Erice International School of Liquid Crystals and this year Claudio Zannoni will have his 60th birthday.

We would like to celebrate these events bringing together researchers of National and International stature active in the field.

The Workshop will be held at the Centre for Scientific Culture "Ettore Majorana" in Erice,  a small town of Sicily in the South of Italy with  a great tradition of hosting high quality scientific meetings  (  The Workshop will be part of the annual programme of the International School of Liquid Crystals, directed by C. Zannoni, hosted by the Centre (


A list of confirmed invited speakers includes:

G. Abbate (University of Naples), M. Bates (University of York), T. Bellini (University of Milan), D.W. Bruce (University of York), D. Cleaver (Sheffield University), M. Copic (University of Ljubljana), Y. Geerts (Université Libre de Bruxelles), D.Guillon (CNRS Strasbourg), I.C. Khoo (Pennsylvania State University), O.D. Lavrentovich (Kent State University), G.R. Luckhurst (University of Southampton), A.F. Martins (New University of Lisbon), I. Musevic (University of Ljubljana), M. Osipov (University of Strathclyde), D. Photinos (University of Patras), E. Samulski (University of North Carolina), V.S.S. Sastry (University of Hyderabad), H. Takezoe (Tokyo Institute of Technology), C. Tschierske (University of Halle), G.J. Vroege (Van't Hof Laboratory, Utrecht), M. Wilson (University of Durham), H. Yokoyama (AIST, Tsukuba).


The total fee for the meeting, which includes full board and lodging (arranged by the E. Majorana Centre), social dinner and excursion is 450 Euro.

Persons interested in attending the workshop should complete the application form and send it, preferably via e-mail  to:

Dr. Paolo Pasini
INFN Sezione di Bologna
Via Irnerio 46
40126 Bologna, Italy
Fax: +39 051 244101
Dr. Silvia Orlandi di Chimica Fisica e Inorganica
Università di Bologna
Viale Risorgimento 4
40136 Bologna, Italy

Closing date for application:
September 20th, 2008.

Information Bulletin for Participants
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