TUNGUSKA91 Expedition


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The explosion site.      
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Vanavara airport.      
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Overthrown trees.      
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Felled tree azimuths.      
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A "telegraph pole".      
60 KB
Our itineraries.      
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March through taiga...      
169 KB
...and swamps.      
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On MI-8 helicopter.      
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A tree section.      
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Promenade on Hoj.      
230 KB
A tree stump.      
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Wading the Kimchu.      
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The "twins".      
215 KB
Collecting samples.      
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Core exctraction.      
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A 22 mm tree core.      
89 KB
Kimchu Laboratory.      
72 KB
Kulik's izba.      
112 KB
Our energy source.      
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"Tungusskii gurman".      
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The Southern swamp.      
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Traces of the bear.      
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Food deposit.      
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Epilobium ang.      
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End of the stroll.      
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Accelerated growth.      
221 KB
1908 tree suffering.      
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Particle inclusion.      
173 KB
A wood sample.      
42 KB
Resin samples.      
119 KB
SEM exploration.      
39 KB
Rounded particles.      
36 KB
Rounded particles.      
65 KB
Probable TCB particles.      
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No nuclear processes.      
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Multiple explosions.      
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