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Time table and transportation

The departure of the Tunguska99 Scientific Expedition is planned for the 14 July 1999 from the Forli' airport. An Iljuschin Il-20 will land off from Moscow to Forli on 13 July to load the expedition equipement in the second half of the day. The departure for Moscow-Krasnoyarsk is fixed for the 14 July at 10 AM (local time).
The Iljuschin Il-20 will be used also to carry out the aerial survey of the Tunguska meteorite site using two aerial cameras A-87P (focal length 120 cm, frame 30x30 cm). In addition to this, there are interchangeable (2 from 7) aerial cameras on gyro-stabilized pods GUT-3, GUT-8, AFUS for down-looking topographic and multi-spectral photo survey. (Technical details)
The transportation of the expedition from Krasnoyarsk to the Ceko lake will be carried out by means of a helicopter Mi-26, that is designed for carrying large-size cargoes weighing up to 20 tons. It has a crew of 4-5 men and can reach a speed of 295 km/h. (Technical details)
The return from the lake Ceko is planned for the 29 July, with arrival in Forli' on 30 July.

Bologna, 5 July 1999

For the Tunguska99 Press Office
Luigi Foschini

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