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Testing of Equipment

The starting day for the Tunguska99 Expedition is coming. The departure is confirmed for July 14, 1999 from Forli' airport, by means of a charter flight. The necessary equipment will be loaded on July 13.
Time is running and preparations are deeper and deeper, both for defining details of the scientific program and for taking care of last logistic problems.
Today, June 22, participants were at the Rosario lake, near Bologna, in order to test the inflating catamaran "Kulik", so named in honour of Leonid Kulik, the Russian scientist who organized the first expeditions to the Tunguska site (Photo). This catamaran is powered by a 20 HP motor and has a platform of 6 x 3 m, able to hold a 6 and half tons load. It has also an a-frame 3 m high with a winch able to deploy 500 kg. The catamaran will be used as support for exploring the bottom of the Ceko lake.
The camping equipement and all the material necessary for survival in a hostile environment, such as the Tunguska marsh, was also succsessfully tested (Photo).
Sir Arthur C. Clarke has passed to his TV producer our information about the Tunguska99 expedition. He has informed us that the House of Lords debated his SPACEGUARD proposal last week.

Bologna, 22 June 1999

For the Tunguska99 Press Office
Luigi Foschini

Photos by Gio' Palazzo fax +39 011 720031

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