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Live from Tunguska

The exploration of Ceko lake goes on successfully. We have obtained a bathymetry, that shows a funnel-shaped lake with a depth between 54 and 56 m. Even though there are on the bottom large accumulations of trees, these accumulations are sufficiently concentrated and leave free wide zones of the bottom, allowing the core boring.

We have seen, with a submarine tv camera, a strewn vegetation till great depth. We have investigated, with a seismic-acoustic profile-maker, sediments under the bottom of the lake untill 100 m depth. Today and tomorrow we will make first core boring.

Still today, we will begin the aerophotographic survey in order to verify some hypotesis about the explosion mechanism of the 1908 event and to give to the "Tunguska Natural Reserve" some informations about the development of the vegetation in the zone.

Yesterday a large group of participants moved, by helicopter, to the explosion epicenter and walked for about one dozen kilometers in marshes and forests, making measurements of geographical coordinates by means of GPS.

See some photos from Tunguska!

Bologna, 24 July 1999

For the Tunguska99 Press Office
Luigi Foschini

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