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A large part of the aerophotographic survey, in the visible and infrared range, was carried out on July 24. In the next days the aircraft will make its last survey.

A group of scientists reached several points in the place near the epicenter and came back to the base camp on the Cheko lake. This group carried out the measurement of geographical coordinates of some reference points by using the satellite system. These measurements will be used to compare Kulik's aerial views with photos taken during this expedition.

The day before yesterday, yesterday and today, the works of extraction of core boring samples from the bottom of the Cheko lake were done. 22 cores are already extracted at depths between 10 and 50 m above the water level. Some of these cores are 180 cm long.

Before to do more core boring, in order to locate the extraction places, the geographical coordinates and depths of several points in the lake were taken.

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Bologna, 26 July 1999

For the Tunguska99 Press Office
Luigi Foschini

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