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First results from Tunguska99

The first public showing of colour slides of the Tunguska99 scientific expedition will be held in Bologna on September 28, 1999, at the Comando Provinciale dei Vigili del Fuoco of Bologna (Via Ferrarese 166/2). The showing will begin at 16:30 (local time).

The measurements made on the Cheko lake during Tunguska99 suggest that the lake is older than the 1908 event. 28 cores, up to 2 m long, have been extracted from the lake bottom (at depths up to 50 m). They show a clear stratigraphy and the analyses at the Institute of Marine Geology of CNR in Bologna will hopefully throw light on the nature of the exploded body.

Other data recorded during the expedition are still under analysis. Specifically, the aerial multispectral photosurvey, performed from visual to thermal infrared wave lenghts, together with our GPS coordinate measurements on the ground of some reference points, will be used to re-examine some details of the explosion.

The petrology and geochemistry of the Mesozoic igneous rocks utcropping in the Tunguska region is being studied and the collected wood, peat and rock samples will be analyzed in different laboratories to find traces of the cosmic body.

The data on gamma rays are being processed in the Bologna University to find their dependence on altitude, longitude, latitude and atmospheric conditions.

Bologna, 26 September 1999

For the Tunguska99 Press Office
Luigi Foschini

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