- Research group's poster

- Magnetic properties of commensurate Bose–Bose mixtures in one–dimensional optical lattices
        D. Vodola, D.Cornigli, M.Dalmonte, E.Ercolessi, M.Mattioli, F.Ortolani

- Kitaev chains with long range pairing
        D. Vodola, L. Lepori, E. Ercolessi, A. V. Gorshkov, G. Pupillo

- The role of bound states in the expansion dynamics of ultracold bosons in an optical lattice
        P. Naldesi , C. Degli Esposti Boschi, E. Ercolessi, L. Ferrari, F. Ortolani, L. Taddiao


- Kitaev chain with long-range pairing
    (D. Vodola, Salerno 2014)

- The case of the asymmetric Hubbard model
    (E. Ercolessi, Camerino)

- Quantum phase transitions and entanglement in (quasi)1d spin and electron models
    (E. Ercolessi, Vietri 2008)

- Entanglement T-L liquids
    (E. Ercolessi, Vietri 2011)

- Quantum Simulations of Effective Field Theories with Strongly Correlated Systems on a Lattice
    (E. Ercolessi, Vietri 2013)

- Fisher Information for mixed states & Entanglement in extended quantum systems
    (E. Ercolessi, Vietri 2014)

Lezioni Collegio Superiore     (E. Ercolessi)


- Davide Vodola Phd Thesis
        Correlations and Quantum Dynamics of 1D Fermionic Models:
        New Results for the Kitaev Chain with Long-Range Pairing