The 1938 aerophotosurvey

The aerophotosurvey of the explosion site, made in 1938 under the direction of L. A. Kulik, is of fundamental importance because it was carried out only 30 years after the event, when the tree trunks overthrown by the shock wave were still easily recognizable on the ground (see the 10 photographs of the series "Felled trees in 1938") and when later falls, not connected with the explosion, have not altered the devastation picture. This allows to locate the fallen trees and to determine accurately their directions (see figure). Krinov, referring to the 1938 survey, stated: “It is a unique scientific document authenticating the only radial forest devastation of its kind in existence and caused by the explosion of a meteorite” (see papers doc, 764 kb, pdf, 1326 kb, pdf, 18.9 Mb).

In the figure: Photo montage of the 1938 aero-photosurvey.

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