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Leonid Alexeevich Kulik, the Russian scientist who organized the first expeditions to the Tunguska site.

In 1921-1922 Kulik organized an expedition that gathered sufficient information to conclude, that "the meteorite fall in the neighbourhood of the Ogniya river, a left tributary of the Vanavara river, which is a right tributary of the Podkamennaya Tunguska (Hatanga) river". This expedition could not go further than Kansk, at 600 km from the Tunguska explosion site. Five years later, Kulik discovered the site at about 50 km from the mentioned Vanavara river tributary.
The first Kulik expedition, that REACHED the explosion site, left Leningrad (S.Petersburg) in February 1927. On 13 April they found the beginning of the flattened forest. On 30 May Kulik established the radial nature of the devastated forest.
The second Kulik expedition left Leningrad in early April 1928. On early May the expedition was joined in Vanavara by Strukov from Sovkino.
Third Kulik expedition: 24 February 1929 - October 1930.
Kulik's aerophotosurvey: July-August 1938. (see: Our images)

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