Images related to the crater hypothesis

Results of the last Kulik expedition (1939)

The main task of the last expedition (1939) led by L.A. Kulik was to drill a series of holes in the Northern isles of the Southern swamp to search for fragments of the Tunguska Cosmic Body. The work was done with a peat bore to mean depths of 5-6 m. Kulik found that, instead of the normal order of layers from top to bottom (peat, mineral, mud), these were mixed up chaotically and there could be no question of identifying the layers even for the nearest points, i.e. 5 m (see the image, published by Kulik in 1940). The conclusion of Kulik was that it was here that the waters lying under the permanently frozen earth made their exit after the fall of parts of the meteorite. He suggested that fragments of the body should lie at a depth of 25-50 m.

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