International School of Liquid Crystals

Italian-Japanese Workshop

Date: 7-11 July 2002 - Erice ITALY

Organised by the Italian Liquid Crystal Society - SICL and by the Japanese Liquid Crystal Society - JLCS with the aim of bringing together members of the liquid crystal communities of Italy and Japan for a presentation and discussion of recent results in the research efforts undertaken by these two communities.  It is hoped  that the Workshop will  facilitate exchange and scientific cooperation between Italy and Japan  in the more innovative areas of liquid crystal science and technology.
The format of the workshop will be based on a number of keynote talks of leading Italian and Japanese scientists. In addition there will be the opportunity for other participants to present their latest results as posters.

The arrival of participants
should be on July 7th
and departure on July 11th
(for people not attending SICL 2002) .

Scientific Committee:


A. Fukuda,
S. Naemura,
T. Ikeda,
Y. Fujimura.


F. Simoni,
P. Pasini,


This meeting is connected to the

5th National Meeting of the
Italian Liquid Crystal Society
SICL 2002
July 11 - 14,  2002

2002 Programme

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