The 1999 aerophotosurvey

Flight routes of the 1999 aero-photosurvey

The 1999 aero-photographic survey covered a surface of 300 km2 between the latitudes 60░ 50' 00" N and 60░ 58' 30" N and between the longitudes 101░45' 00" E and 102░ 05' 00" E. The photographs (see montage) have been taken in the scale 1:8000 and 1:14000 with coverage of 60% (long.) and 30% (lat.). In parallel, a line scanner made simultaneously a survey in 6 spectral bands, from optical to thermal infrared: 0.43-0.51 Ám, 0.50-0.59 Ám, 0.61-0.69 Ám, 0.76-0.90 Ám, 1.5-2.5 Ám and 8.0-12.5 Ám. During the flight, the aircraft position was continuously monitored with a GPS system and the geographic coordinates were linked to the photographs (see papers doc, 764 kb, pdf, 1326 kb, pdf, 18.9 Mb).

Here  you can see a short registration of the survey nearby Lake Cheko.

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